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  • Antoine, 43 years

    I had no special problems with the erection, I wanted to simply it to be longer, for an hour, for example. Yesterday I accepted a tablet of Cialis of 20 mg - the effect was great and for a long period of time.

  • Artois, 30 years

    3 years ago the problems with the power have appeared, and I began to consume Cialis...


Cialis - the preparation for the improvement of the power with the effect of long-term!

Like other constituents of a similar medicinal product is intended for the improvement of the erection and the treatment of the dysfunction erectrice of various degree of complexity. These preparations ameliorent blood flow to the sexual member and contribute to sexual arousal. Many men find that Cialis reveille the desire for sex. They are wrong a lot. If you do not have excitement, and psychological attraction in the partner, Cialis will not help you.

The difference between Cialis, Viagra and Levitra.

First of all, Cialis is very famous because its effect lasts much longer: after the reception of the preparation is for another 36-48 hours. Accept and you will receive the best result! Secondly, the drug is absorbed very quickly in the blood, therefore, the effect occurs much faster. Lastly, Cialis does not influence on the pressure hypertension, as well as on the view and on the perception of colors.

What are the conditions to the application of Cialis?

The specialists recommend to take a dose of a medicinal product 30 minutes before the sexual act. The meal does not influence on the effect which lasts for 36 hours. During this time, the man can make the quantity, not limited to sexual acts. Cialis is a preparation, which is recommended by sexologists for men with violations of the heaviest of the dysfunction erectrice, the restrictions are absent.

The dose of generic Cialis!

It is better to consume Cilais generic for 20 mg, because each body is individual.

In addition, men may not test for semen, sperm production still has an old level as well as the quality of the sperm cells. Moreover, it should not be disturbed for the reproductive function, it will remain without changes, the probability of the design will not change. Don't forget consequently that Cialis is not the drug against the sterilite.

What is the frequency of the use of Cialis?

It is not recommended to accept Cialis every day. This is not good for your health.Do not attempt to accept more of a tablet of Cialis per day: this will lead to a strong overdose, and will result in the consequences desagreables.

Are there any contraindications for receiving Cialis?

It is not necessary to apply the preparation with other medicinal products containing nitrogen or nitrates. It is necessary to concern with caution in men suffering of serious infringements of the system cardio-vascular system. It is necessary to accept the preparation carefully to the men who had the disposition to the deformation innee's sexual member.In such cases it is better to consult first your doctor. Certainly, the preparation is completely against-indicated for women and children.

The side effects of Cialis.

As the side effects we can mention: the violation of the digestion, pain in the muscles, the back, the blood flow to the capillaries, the headache.

The home of Cialis by men, patients of diabetes sugar.

Cialis can be applied by the men, ill of diabetes sugar.68% of men-diabetiques have note the improvement considerable power, despite the fact that the dysfunction erectrice of men with such a disease is expressed much more strongly.

The compatibility of Cialis with alcohol.

It is not necessary to accept Cialis with alcohol, it will weaken considerably the action of the preparation. However there are Cialis Soft - compresses, which reabsorbs under the tongue, that we may accept with alcohol and greasy food. The effect of Cialis Soft happens more quickly compared with the preparation of the ordinary.

But the price on Cialis generic is much lower, because the companies-producers should not need to spend money for the preparation of a medicinal product - they have already taken the pharmacopee ready and have manufactures the preparations similar.

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